…in the 20th Century

Clan MacColin of Glenderry is a historical, theatrical and social organization dedicated to researching and portraying the daily life of a 16th century Hibernio-Scottish clan. For many years our major activity has been our appearance at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where our rousing dance show and colorful marches are traditional crowd-pleasers. These activities, along with our crafts demonstrations, also contribute ethnic color to many Highland Games, Irish festivals, and similar local events where we are frequently featured by name .

The Clan is very much a family, and we attempt to maintain the ancient clan structure. Our Chief, Stiofan A Giollain Maccaolinn of Glennadoire (otherwise Steven Gillan of Santa Ana) makes all final decisions, appoints officers and duine uasail and, backed by long tradition, his word is law. The MacColin numbers among his officers and gentle-persons experts in Renaissance and Gaelic crafts, dance, costume, weaponry, and manners, as well as social and military history.

Each of our members develops a period “persona” or character to portray, suitable to the household and tail of a Western Highland Chief. Costume, weapons, and personality soon follow, making the persona a three-dimensional, authentic representation of our period: a piece of living history.

The Gaelic costumes of the 16th century differ considerably from the familiar ones of Victorian or modern times. For instance, the kilt in its modern, tailored form and the system of registered clan tartans were unknown. The Clan has done a great deal of research on this little-documented subject, and has drawn up some basic costume and weaponry guides which are available at nominal cost.

We encourage our people to go beyond theatrically portraying our time, to research, study and practice the language, skills, and customs our personas would have known. Both men and women may learn spinning, weaving, dancing, and other crafts under the guidance of our Craftsmaster, Dancemistress, and other skilled members. Our folk most often make their own weapons, chain mail, eating utensils, and other accessories. In fact, nearly all costume pieces must be homemade, although we do allow such modern methods as machine sewing.

If you are interested in our historical place and time and would like to join in our activities, please contact our recruiter at CMCRecor@yahoo.com.

     Our Blog holds many of the informative articles and other informational media that we enjoy amongst ourselves and wish to share with the public.

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